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Scorpion Venom

electrical stimulation is used for venom extraction. These pulses are of low intensity, they are not harmful to animals and do not affect the quality of venom.



Snake Venom

The animals are mostly kept in individual boxes. A particularly strict hygiene is observed. The animals are qualitatively and quantitatively fed according to their needs. Much attention is paid to the health status of each specimen.

Courses We Offer

Training is carried out using the latest scientific techniques to extract various toxins and deal with various toxic organisms from specialized trainers, and an accredited certificate From Cairo Venom Company .



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The venoms that we offer are manufactured in our laboratories. The extraction is done using methods respectful of animal welfare. Anaesthesia and use of electrical stimulants are sometimes necessary but do not affect in any way the health of the animal or the quality of the venom. Venoms are harvested as appropriate, dried, crystallized in vacuum or lyophilized. Purification treatments are sometimes applied when necessary. Venoms and other products from protected species, (local regulations, Convention of Bern, Washington Convention…) are produced and distributed following permits granted by competent authorities. CairoVenom also offers contracts for housing and milking of animals. In this case, the animals and venoms are property of the customer and CairoVenom invoices the maintenance and handling .

Our company offers a wide selection of venoms produced in our laboratories or in collaboration with other institutions where production techniques, respect for the animal and product quality are consistent with our standards. Venoms produced in our laboratories are frozen at very low temperatures, freeze-dried and stored at -18 ° C. Our production process ensures a product of excellent quality.

The determination of species is guaranteed, as well as the origin of animals when it is known. Traceability is one of our major commitments. It is possible in most cases to trace the route of the venom from its extraction to its distribution. Animals are numbered and identified individually (reptiles), by groups (arachnids) or by colonies (hymenopters). ​ Products offered and distributed in collaboration with other laboratories offer similar guarantees.

The animals that we use are either born in our lab, bought from trusted companies or provided by reliable keepers. This enables us to guarantee the origin of most of our animals. When this cannot be the case for various reasons, we warn the consumer. Information regarding the origin of animals may be obtained upon request .

Every day, specially during harvesting, transport and venom milking, particular attention is given to respect for the animal. The samples are collected on animals in perfect health, showing no sign of disease or weakness and feeding spontaneously .

Scorpion venoms are usually available in quantities from 25mg to 15g. Other venoms are usually available in quantities from 10mg to 10g, depending on species. Please contact us if you have special needs. Our products are securely packaged to be transported in the best conditions and should be put in the freezer upon arrival (except otherwise stated).

CAUTION : To prevent venom deterioration due to successive opening and closing of the vials, repeated freeze-thaw cycles,… we can condition the venoms on demand. Please contact us if you have special requirements for packaging.


For non-profit institutions and academics discounts may be granted.

If the venom that you are looking for is not in our catalogue, please contact us, we will try to meet your needs the best we can.


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